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"East Barnet Health Centre will re-open on 19th October 2015"

The Campaign to REOPEN East Barnet Health centre

TELEPHONE To get the telephone system working at Vale Drive. CAMPAIGNING
DECISION To get a decision on which way to move forwards. RESOLVED
RESUME To get work resumed at the health centre. RESOLVED
REOPEN To get the health centre reopened as soon as possible. RESOLVED

Project Updates from NHS Property Services can be found here

SUCCESS East Barnet Health Centre will re-open on 19th October 2015

East Barnet Health Centre to re-open 19th Octorber 2015

I have the BEST NEWS!!!! The doctors have reached a satisfactory agreement with NHS Property Services Ltd. They will have access to the building on the 5th of October!! Unfortunately owing to the logistics of the move back and the fact that agreement was only reached yesterday, it will be the 19th of October, at the earliest, that they will be able to start seeing patients there. Confirmation letters will be sent as soon as possible.

Well done everyone who supported the campaign. You made all the difference.

I have just had confirmation from Katherine Herzmark, practice manager,that it will definitely be the 19TH OF OCTOBER.

She also passed on her thanks and that of the doctors to everyone for their support and efforts that have finally got us our heath centre back.

EAST BARNET HEALTH CENTRE East Barnet Health Centre is closed for refurbishment.
The GP practice for Dr David Monkman, Dr Colin Peskin & Dr Syed Faraz Hussain, Dr Penny Weston & Dr Tal Helbitz is temporarily relocated at Vale Drive Primary Care Centre, Barnet EN5 2ED
For appointments, prescriptions and any other enquiries please call: 020 8440 7417 email:
Vale Drive Transport Info
APPLY PRESSURE HERE Contact details for NHS Property Services, Theresa Villiers MP, Local councillors for East Barnet Ward Apply Pressure Here
COMING HOME SOON East Barnet Health Centre is scheduled to re-open in September 2015 following a 1M refurbishment. We need to keep the pressure on to ensure that there are no delays and that the Health Centre re-opens on time.

The news so far:

Helen Pryce started a facebook group to give people the opportunity to air their views about the closure of East Barnet Health Centre.

It soon became clear that we needed to take action. Not only is it inconvenient for users of the health centre but the problems are compounded by the difficult access to Vale Drive for those who have mobility problems, it is also expensive if they are unable to drive or use public transport. Even more importantly the telephone system is unable to cope with the extra workload so that it is very difficult to make an appointment.

So far the local press has given us good coverage and the Telegraph should be doing a piece (or 2) this week in Janet Daley's column and hopefully the news section. We have also had excellent support from the local councilors especially Phil Cohen. Theresa Villiers MP met with some members of our group and we are having a further meeting with her, and all the other parties involved this week.

NHS Property Services , who are responsible for the building, have become very aware of the growing dissatisfaction with the situation and we have already had one meeting with them alongside the GP's and the Patient Participation Group. I also met with practice managers. The doctors are as fed up as we are. NHS Property Services seem surprised that we are all so angry at the situation! Please look through the older posts for a summary of the first meeting with them.

NHS Property Services outlined four possible options:

1. Return the building to its preworks state taking 90 days.
2. A full refurbishment to a higher spec taking 120 days.
3. Demolish the building and rebuild taking 3/4 YEARS!!!!
4. Return it to its previous state with a longer term plan to move us out again and rebuild.


It became very clear that all the users including the GP's wanted option 2.

Our concern is that when I asked them directly that, if they chose to rebuild it, would they build flats on top of it. They replied yes because it would be more profitable for them. I truly believe that is what they want to do. I pointed out that we do not care about profitability and that we simply want our health centre back as soon as possible.

The decision process is happening now. We must keep up the pressure or risk being without EBHC for several years.

All the contact details you need are here please write, email or phone them.
There is also a poster to print and put in your window and give to friends and local businesses. PLEASE DO IT, IT REALLY WORKS!



East Barnet Health Centre,149 East Barnet Road,New Barnet,Hertfordshire EN4 8QZ

East Barnet Health Centre was first opened in 1965. It was originally known as East Barnet Clinic or just 'The Clinic'.
East Barnet Health Centre is the local primary care centre for 11,000 patient households in East Barnet and New Barnet covering both EN4 and EN5.It is one of the largest doctors surgeries in area.
The doctors surgery houses 3 GP practices at the health centre including 5 doctors: Dr David Monkman, Dr Colin Peskin & Dr Syed Faraz Hussain, Dr Penny Weston & Dr Tal Helbitz along with Practice Nurses and a Health Care Advisor.

East Barnet Health Centre also offers patients the following Clinics & Services:
Practice Nurses & Healthcare Assistants, Asthma Clinic, Diabetic Clinic, Hypertension Clinic, Travel Clinic, Baby Immunisations, Diet Clinic, Health Promotion Clinic, Smoking Cessation Clinic, Flu and other Immunisations, Special Services, Family planning, Post Natal/6 week baby checks, Antenatal Clinic, Counselling and District Nursing.
The District Nurse provides care and advice to patients in their homes.

Situated on East Barnet Road, New Barnet at the junction with St Wilfrid's Road and also Brookhill Road (Cat Hill).

East Barnet Health Centre was temporarily closed in June 2015 for the removal of asbestos, an upgrade and general refurbishment. The work which was scheduled to be completed in 10 weeks incurred several delays and was suspended in November without a word from NHS Property Services who manage the building on behalf of the NHS.

East Barnet Health centre is temporarily relocated at Vale Drive Primary Care Centre, Vale Drive Medical Practice, Vale Drive, Barnet, EN5 2ED. Situated next to High Barnet tube (underground) station, half way up one of the most notorious hills in London, it is not the most accessible of places for people with mobility problems. For patients of East Barnet it is up hill all the way apart from the final stretch where it veers sharply downhill.

Unfortunately to add to the access problems, the telephone system can not cope with the extra strain. For more than 8 months, patients have been unable to get through by phone to make appointments and the GPs access to patient records is lost every time the phone system crashes. As the paper records are locked in the closed East Barnet Health centre, i wonder how GPs have managed to treat patients effectively.

Patients who have trouble getting through by phone are advised to email (include your number, they will call you back), or visit the surgery (unless they have ebola).

Local residents become concerned by the inactivity and severe delay to the reopening of their health centre and a facebook page was started to discus and share views.
Quite quickly the facebook group "East Barnet Health Centre - Come Home!" became a campaign to reopen the health centre and adopted the name REOPEN for the campaigning group.
And so the Campaign to RE-OPEN East Barnet Health Centre began.

Local Newspaper Barnet Borough Times became interested and "'A nightmare' patients demand answers over future of East Barnet Health Centre" became the front page story.

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